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Understanding Religion

Have you ever wondered why 85% of the global population identifies with some form of a religious tradition? Knowledge of religion helps us understand culture, politics, nationhood and our place in global citizenship. In this course, we will learn together why religion continues to inspire many while repelling others.

Religious Literacy

Understanding religion is a benefit to our shared world and to the advancement of society. Religious literacy involves our ability to participate in ongoing conversation about the private and public place of religious beliefs and practices. Faith stories or religious truths should not be shaped by daily news headlines. 

The Unaffiliated

Research shows that about 16% of the world population (1.1 billion people) have no religious affiliation. The unaffiliated forms the third-largest religious group worldwide, after Christians and Muslims. Interestingly, research has shown that decline does not mean people are rejecting religion. Religious commitment remains relatively stable even though the unaffiliated continues to reject organized faith.

Human beings are spiritual beings who seek ultimate meaning in life. Religion provides that meaning.

Kĩriakũ Teaches offers a unique opportunity to understand and compare religious patterns found around the world.

Seeking ultimate meaning together

Pursue wisdom and gain understanding. Understand why knowledge on religion is important in our daily encounter with other human beings.


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Understanding Religion

It has never been more important to learn about religion and its role in shaping culture, lifestyle, politics, and nationhood. Kĩriakũ Teaches offers you that opportunity. Sign up today.